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Happy patients with positive results!

Receiving an unsolicited testimonial from a satisfied patient is one of the highest honors I will ever receive and I am excited to share of few of those with you… 

Finding Dr. Dora and the HoLep procedure was truly a blessing for me. I cannot recommend him highly enough.I am 58 years old and suffer(ed) from an enlarged prostate, roughly 82 grams. Problems associated with this condition had a terrible impact on my life. Over the past six years I have had 5 TURPS, post surgical infections resulting in hospitalization and months receiving IV antibiotics at infusion clinics. I wound up hospitalized in Thailand and Germany  due to blood in my urine, bladder stones and urinary retention. Diverticuli had formed in my bladder due to retention, kidney stones were frequent and for a stretch I had to self catheterize. My prostate problems controlled my life and left me miserable most of the time. The TURP procedure was painful, complicated and turned out to be temporary, as my prostate would eventually grow back and fill in the void which had been removed with each procedure. My local urologist told me about the HoLep  procedure and strongly recommended that I look into it. This led me to Dr. Dora.I made an appointment for a consultation. Impressed with Dr. Dora’s care , sensitivity and expertise I scheduled  surgery with him for a HoLep. The lead up to having surgery away from home was stressful (I am an out of town patient) and I was very anxious before the procedure. It could not have gone better.I am now four months out of surgery and doing great. The procedure went smoothly, as planned. I spent one night in the hospital and was released the morning after surgery.  I left the hospital with no catheter and able to control  my  urinary functions. There was some sense of urgency and it felt like I was peeing battery acid, but I could control myself and felt remarkably well.  Post surgical pain became discomfort, the burning when urinating gradually went away and general soreness slowly improved over a few months. Four months out I feel great with no discomfort. I am able to get and maintain an erection. My urinary flow is unrestricted and I empty my bladder completely each time I go. I feel better than I have in years and have Dr. Dora to thank for this. The HoLep is a tremendous improvement over a TURP.Dr. Dora and his staff were wonderful at every step and have earned my respect and gratitude.I recommend him without hesitation and strongly urge anyone suffering from an enlarged prostate to seriously consider the HoLep procedure. It’s a game changer.
I am a 66 year old who had an extremely enlarged prostrate, to the point of complete blockage. Having to have to have a catheter put in at the emergency room. Luckily, being referred to Dr. Dora who recommended the laser surgery that he performs. I had the surgery on Aug. 3 2015. I could not be more pleased with the results. I would recommend anyone experiencing enlarged prostate problems to contact Dr. Dora.
I have been suffering from the effects of an enlarged prostate for the last twenty years or so. These effects were an inability to completely empty my bladder, very slow Urine stream, peeing like a sprinkling can, getting up two to three times a night to pee, and at those times starting slow, spraying and generally not going much each time. I have been prescribed Flomax and Proscar to help, but they didn't help much and besides, I didn't want to be on prostate drugs for the rest of my life. So, I needed to do something else.
I am a Registered Nurse and have taken care of many patients who have had the TURP procedure, which is basically drilling a hole in the prostate to allow urine to pass easily. This procedure causes a lot of bleeding, a catheter to be in for days and sometimes much longer, can cause impotence and incontinence. I knew I had to do something,but not the TURP, so I began to research alternatives to the TURP. I discovered a relatively new procedure. It is called HOLEP. This is a surgical procedure done with a laser to remove excess prostate tissue. The catheter is removed the next morning, a lot less bleeding since the laser cauterizes as it goes. This is the procedure I chose to have done. I am so pleased with my results. I now can pee like the proverbial "racehorse", I had just minor amounts of blood in my urine for about 2 weeks post surgery, my PSA is very low, the pieces of prostate tissue removed was sent to the lab and is cancer free. I have no incontinence and sex is very good.
It's now been about one month since I had the HOLEP procedure performed by Dr. Chandler Dora, Tampa, FL., On my enlarged Prostate. I am doing great! Dr. Dora was trained at the Mayo clinic and at the time of my procedure was the only Doctor in the Tampa area to perform the HOLEP. As a licensed medical professional, I highly recommend Dr. Chandler Dora,MD.